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The stresses of modern medicine place physicians at substantial risk of emotional and psychological distress. They function in a high-end, high stakes, rapidly changing, multi-tasked environment, fraught with the spectre of poor outcomes, human tragedies, risk of litigation, unrelenting demands, and so much more. Residents are particularly vulnerable. Medical residency is a crucible from which few escape unscathed. Coping patterns learned during residency may impact and permeate a physician’s entire professional life, his or her personal life, and his or her ability to care for patients. The purpose of this podcast is to offer insights and details from our experience working with medical residents and practicing physicians on building resilience and combating burnout. We hope to encourage a greater focus on the psychological well being of medical trainees and physicians in practice. Companion to the books: Building Resilience in Neurosurgical Residents, and Surviving Residency (and Beyond)
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Oct 10, 2016

This podcast series explores how to resist burnout and even thrive in medical residency and in practice. This is the 6th podcast interview with world renown expert in the field Dr. Wayne Sotile. Dr. Sotile has treated over 10,000 physicians for burnout and other maladaptive responses to the stressors of medical practice.

Companion to the books: Building Resilience in Neurosurgical Residents, and Surviving Residency (and Beyond)